Gallery - Table runners,Napkins,Chargers and Table Setting ideas 


Table settings for any occasion. Table runners. Charger Plate Covers. Napkins. Canvas Market Grocery Bag  

Shakeable inner lining to clean any debris

Two outside pocket to store, bread, bottles, or flowers

Inner Zippered pocket to store wallet, keys or phone

Moon Dust color

Saddle color

Chocolate color

Proudly designed and handmade in Marietta , Ga

Canvas Reusable Market Bag

Sturdy handles. Hold the content up to 4 plastic grocery bags.

Market bag with an urban twist

Walk to you grocery shop

Three different colors

Three different colors

Easter table setting

Light green Check table runner , Spring . Easter

Tan and cream plaid table runner. Across de table runner

Tan and cream plaid table runner and Tuscany charger plates

Tuscany charger plate

Across the table dinner setting . light green table runner and Wooden charger plates

Baby blue check table runner . Easter. Spring

Baby blue check table runner . Tuscany Wooden charger plates

Plaid Taupe and white linen table runner. Tuscany wooden charger plates

Plaid and taupe table setting

Tan and Black plaid table runner

Buffalo check Black and White table runner

Easter table setting. Light green table runner and Turkish blue stained chargers. Cotton print napkins

Emerald table setting and wooden charger plates

Emerald Table setting

Emerald matching napkins

Emerald charger plate Cover

Baby blue covers and matching napkins

Baby blue Charger plate cover

Table setting - Easter-Showers

Soft Pink Charger plate Cover

Spring table setting

Change the look of your old chargers

Floral print Charger Plate Cover

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